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General Information about Acoustic.Academy


It won't be hard for anyone to remember this domain. It also looks great for business cards and other marketing purposes.



People trust a business under an exact match domain name and can be made synonymous with your business name. 


SEO Friendly

A domain like Acoustic.Academy works for SEO and has more value in search engines as this domain already has backlinks and will boost your website to the front page of Google.


Lower PPC Costs

If you advertise in Google or other search engines that use a paid advertisement program, having Acoustic as your domain name keyword will give you more impressions, less pay per click, and can naturally push you up to higher positions with lower bids.


More eyes on your business, spend less money, and more leads can generate you more money for your business.


General Google Stats

165,000 Google Searches per month for "Acoustic"

$0.61 USD Broad CPC

400,000,000 Search Results for “Acoustic”

Paid Competition is listed at 3. The higher the number, the more competitive it is.

74,040 related keywords that have "Acoustic"

Premium Broad Exact Match Word



What is the fair-market value for this domain name?

We use this formula to start:

Monthly Search Engine Searches x CPC x .35 x 12


For this domain, we will add in the numbers:

165000 x .61 x .35 x 12 = $422,730 USD

That is only the base point of our valuation. We use other points to be able to figure out the current fair-market value of this domain to offer to you, such as previous sales with the keywords contained inside them, forecasting current costs of advertisement platforms, etc.


Why should I buy this domain?

Three big reasons why you should purchase this domain:

1. It's extremely catchy! If you say acoustic academy out loud to yourself, it can easily be branded around your future plans with this domain name.

2. It already has backlinks! What that means is that with good backlinks, your website can be pushed higher into Google and Bing search results. Get higher into the search results? It gives you a better chance to give your website a chance to develop at a faster rate to grow.

3. Before someone else takes it! Because this domain name already has backlinks, more people will see it since it is still listed in the major search engines. Someone out here is thinking about getting this domain name as well, so why not beat them to getting this unique opportunity?


What if I have any more questions or information?

If you use the contact form or the chat button, either myself or someone will be able to give you the information you are looking for.

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